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Makes reading a lifestyle

What is Diigima?

Diigima is a new reading experience solution which allows you to read anywhere, select from variety of topics, control your reading timing and free of cost to the reader.

Who can use Diigima?
Literally everyone! Whatever you are interested in reading, you will find texts for it.

Who can subscribe to Diigima?
Libraries, Banks, clinics, government institutions…etc. can provide a unique experience and delight their customers through Diigima.

Diigima also provides Universities and schools with a unique feature, which is the ability to upload stories written by the students on the application to encourage and support their talents, Students are natural storyteller, With Digiima, they can share it with the world.

Diigima Kiosk


• Gain marketing strength by applying social responsibility, through motivating your customers to invest their waiting time by reading useful things to them. Digima will provide your customers with a wonderful reading experience, through a large collection of short stories with different fields that will satisfy all tastes.

• Enhance the mental image of your brand, because we customized kiosk to includes:
    * Kiosk Branding.
    * Your logo as a signature in the paper footer.
    * Option to send a specific message to your visitors/customers.
    * Using QR code to keep them safe and healthy.
    * Carousel panel on the App, while you have Access to upload your ads as images and videos.

• Choose your story categories.

• We keep adding new stories and you’ll have free access to your chosen categories.

• Create a new and interesting concept of the time your customers are waiting for in your organization.

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