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Our services

We empower your digital dreams and invigorate your ideas. We aim at integrating intelligence, creativity, and innovation to bring forward the digital strategies that help you grow your business. Our insightful and smart approach facilitates you to deal with the complexities of your business journey.



Our distinct positioning strategy makes you stand out from the rest.

We realise the worth of your brand as it is a showcase of your business. We develop innovative and creative strategies that cater to glow your business from all angles. Our brand strategy aligns with the soul of your brand and targets to help you achieve greater heights.


We shape your brand that builds your business.

We make your transformation actionable and harness provable growth. We empower the execution of strategy to yield guaranteed and measurable financial results. Our distinctive approach prioritises your growth ambitions.


We focus on your creative digital performance and deliver tangible results.

With our digital strategy, we proactively work on your continuous digital improvement. We define your digital growth and make your digital experiences marvellous. We help you focus on outcomes that make a difference in your business.


We aim at guiding your brand on its growth journey with market

We bring the insights that impact your business growth. By integrating cutting-edge data science and innovative immersive techniques, we deliver effective strategies for your business.



We articulate your brand story compellingly and creatively.

We develop a strong brand identity by understanding your values, ambitions and distinctiveness. Whether you want to establish or reposition your brand, we facilitate you wherever you stand in your journey. A robust and well-thought-out branding will engage your audience and set you ahead of your competitors.


We use our best practice knowledge to create a user-friendly experience.

Our analytical approach helps us understand user behaviour, and we deliver value-based UI/UX optimisation services. We address to user’s pain points to improve their navigation experiences. With our expertise in data and performance evaluation, we help you convert your visitor into a customer.


We utilise the power of a million eyes in boosting your business.

We show the excellence and elegance of your business story through videos. We pay attention to details and create a concept that showcases the best of your brand.


We bring your brand into the limelight.

We help you convey your compelling message through animated videos. Our technical intellect enables us to integrate creativity with the design that ensures your customers’ engagement.



We execute the best practice SEO to highlight your digital visibility.

With our innovative strategies, we implement all-round optimisation to boost your organic traffic. Our research-based approach helps us track our strategy’s effectiveness, and we push your business ahead of your competitors.


We do not boast about the process; we believe in results.

With the combination of creative thought and fresh perspectives, we deliver result-oriented campaigns for our clients. Knowing that every step counts, we utilise every marketing technique to exceed your expectations. We follow the culture of innovation, so we adopt the strategic approach based on agile research and in-depth analysis. We keep you informed throughout your campaign journey.


From content creation to customer engagement, we take responsibility to ensure your digital presence.

We know well how social media influences your customers’ minds. We follow a structured plan to execute your business campaigns through social media platforms. We bring positive word-of-mouth for your brand growth by nurturing your online assets and active engagement with people.



We develop the best platform for your business in this digital ecosystem.

We strengthen the digital presence of your brand with the latest technology. We aim at developing interactive and smartly designed to create a substantial impact on your brand.


We are a one-stop destination to develop a mobile app for your business needs.

We acknowledge the digital revolution and the immense power of mobile application for your business growth. We provide you with the best-personalised experience by designing and building software that aligns with your evolving business needs.


We enable you to sell your products and services across the globe.

We help you create digital platforms where you can reach out to new markets without any physical barrier. As E-commerce experts, we understand your products, customers and business process and then bring forward an e-commerce solution that focuses on your business needs.


We offers a comprehensive solution for creating diverse multi-vendor marketplaces across various sectors. Whether it’s eCommerce, services, rentals, or any other industry, our platform simplifies the process.

From setup to management, robust marketing strategies, and providing tailored solutions, Atheii is your one-stop destination to launch a thriving and versatile online marketplace, catering to diverse market needs.


Hospital Management Information System (HMIS)

Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) is a versatile solution consisting of modular components that can function independently while allowing for seamless communication between them. This modular approach enhances scalability, flexibility, and overall performance.

EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

The EMR system serves as a digital solution simplifying patient record management for healthcare providers. It facilitates efficient access, updates, and secure sharing of vital patient data, improving care coordination and reducing errors for enhanced patient care quality and safety.

Operation Theater

Operation theaters, equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by experienced surgical teams, create an optimal environment for surgeries. They prioritize precision, sterility, and safety during complex procedures, resulting in successful outcomes and quicker patient recovery.

In-Patient Services

In-patient care surpasses medical treatment, offering continuous attention, focusing on patient comfort, emotional support, and holistic well-being during hospital stays.

Dedicated staff and advanced facilities collaborate to deliver comprehensive and compassionate care tailored to individual patient needs.

Hospital Laboratories

Hospital laboratories feature the latest diagnostic technology, delivering rapid and accurate test results crucial for timely and informed treatment decisions. This leads to more effective healthcare and improved patient outcomes.

Out-Patient Services

Outpatient services are designed with convenience and accessibility in mind, enabling patients to receive expert medical care without hospitalization. Whether for routine check-ups, consultations, or minor treatments, outpatient services promote wellness while minimizing disruptions to daily life.

Billing And Accounting

Integrated billing and accounting solutions streamline healthcare administration’s financial aspects. Through automated processes and transparency, they reduce administrative burdens, enhance accuracy, and facilitate efficient financial management for healthcare facilities.

Registration And Reception

A seamless patient journey is a priority in patient registration and reception services. From a patient’s arrival at the facility, the aim is to ensure quick access to necessary healthcare services, providing a hassle-free experience.

Consultancy and Professional Services

A team of healthcare experts delivers consultancy and professional services to optimize care delivery. Close collaboration with healthcare organizations ensures the maintenance of the highest care standards while enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.


A broad term encompassing various remote healthcare services, including telemedicine,teletherapy, and remote patient monitoring.


Data Transformation Services:

Our data transformation services are designed to streamline data management for financial institutions, delivering a range of essential benefits.

Data Integration: Financial institutions often grapple with fragmented data spread across diverse systems and departments. Our services consolidate this data into a unified repository, simplifying accessibility and analysis.

Data Quality Enhancement: Ensuring data accuracy and consistency is paramount in risk analysis. Our data transformation services identify and rectify errors, redundancies, and inconsistencies, thereby elevating data quality standards.

Data Enrichment: We enable financial institutions to augment their datasets with external sources, including economic indicators, market data, and demographic information. This enrichment facilitates deeper insights into risk factors.

Data Governance: Robust data governance frameworks are fundamental to maintaining data security, compliance, and privacy. Our services help financial institutions establish and uphold control over their data assets.

Risk Analysis Tools: Our custom-built risk analysis tools, developed using R and Python, offer a multitude of advantages to financial institutions.

Credit Risk Assessment: Our tools assist in the development of credit scoring models, which evaluate borrower creditworthiness. By analyzing historical data, these models predict default probabilities and determine appropriate lending terms.

Market Risk Management: We equip financial institutions with the capability to analyze market data effectively. Our tools employ techniques such as Monte Carlo simulations and Value at Risk (VaR) models to assess the potential impact of market fluctuations on portfolios.

Operational Risk Monitoring: Automation is key to operational risk management. Our Python-based scripts enable real-time monitoring, aiding in the detection of anomalies and unusual patterns in transaction data, thereby mitigating operational risks.

Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with regulatory mandates is simplified through our tools. We assist financial institutions in building algorithms for stress testing and scenario analysis, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements.

Customer Segmentation: Leveraging data transformation services and machine  learning in Python, our tools facilitate customer segmentation. This empowers institutions to tailor financial products and services to specific customer profiles, enhancing customer satisfaction and risk assessment.

Retail Scorecard Development:

We specialize in building internal retail scorecards that enable financial institutions to assess the creditworthiness of retail customers. These scorecards incorporate a wide range of data points and metrics to generate accurate risk profiles for retail loan applicants.